Parts of Four is a jewellery and accessory brand founded by US- born designer Evan Sugarman in 2011.

Profoundly sculptural in composition, Parts of Four is aesthetically aligned with HEVN’s commitment to avant-garde expressionism. Each piece is crafted as a meditation on ritual and memory, form and material.

The essence of Parts of Four is that of reflection. With precision, clarity and emphatic hard-edged construction, it creates a dialogue between the jewellery and its wearer where we are encouraged to investigate our relationship with materiality.

Traversing brutalist inspirations with the spirituality of its designers, Parts of Four embodies the cutting edge of accessory design. Every piece of jewellery is handmade and produced in various treatments, from the fusing and carving of silver to brass, bone, wood, minerals, and other organic materials.

To its designers, Parts of Four is a statement that the material is the substance. Within this substance we manifest talismans to contain our history. By choosing the jewellery that resonates the most you are participating in a deeply personal relationship which is reflected in the textural evolution of each piece over time. This can be clearly seen in the pieces worn by us here at HEVN. As the bearer of Parts of Four you are integral to making your selection truly unique.

Parts of Four jewellery is ungendered and non-seasonal.


Note: All styles from Parts Of Four can be re-ordered and made in any finish/material that they offer.

Wearing rings from PARTS OF 4