La Haine Inside Us was born in 2017 in the heart of Bologna, Italy, as an unapologetically confrontational addition to the avant-garde arena.

Informed by the founders’ experiences in tailoring workshops and their preference for style with a dark edge, La Haine Inside Us strikes a tonal balance between a harder, urban aesthetic and soft, flowing lines.

The label’s fusion of streetwear and the avant-garde is the product of thorough research that has resulted in refined, multifunctional garments that can be deconstructed and adapted to the changing needs of those who wear them with clever, often subtle, adjustments. Featuring thoughtful detailing such as contrast stitching and asymmetric cuts, La Haine Inside Us represents the best of hybrid styling that can be enjoyed both day and night.

For those with the confidence to make a statement in the way they dress, La Haine Inside Us provides an elegant means of communication. From dresses that shimmer like black lakes to raw-edged viscose t-shirts, HEVN has curated a selection of garments that embody La Haine’s conceptual foundations. We therefore invite you to explore the complexity and ingenuity of this ever-evolving label.

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