Leon Emanuel Blanck founded his eponymous German luxury brand after presenting his first collection 2010. Inspired by science fiction and cultural references such as HR Giger, he juxtaposes contemporary designs with traditional, high quality materials.

Since its inception, Leon Emanuel Blanck has become renowned for his unique anatomical garment-making process whereby fabric is wrapped around a body in motion. The interaction between the moving body, forming fabric, seams and fit is a manifestation of the designer’s desire to explore the interplay between coherent shapes with subconscious design. Once the shaping process is finished, the human cast is cut open at each previous-created seam to form a protype pattern. Once the prototype is perfected, the renowned Leon Emanuel Blanck body cast is created.

The designer has called this process Anfractuous Distortion, which combines the tailoring principles of haute couture with the accessibility of prêt-à-porter. In line with HEVN’s commitment to innovation, Leon Emanuel Blanck offers unique and rebellious slow fashion for those who are both conscious of sustainability and desire cutting-edge avant-garde clothes.

The patience the designer demonstrates sculpting these complex pieces – which require a large amount of recutting and refitting - is demonstrated by how free one feels in the garments and how deeply connected each piece feels to the body. The symbiosis therefore reflects a genuinely anatomical method of tailoring. Stitching resembles sutures, and the organic distortion of each piece means that no item is the same.

HEVN recommends Leon Emanuel Blanck for those who wish to push boundaries, and for whom a cutting-edge design is an essential priority within their avant-garde wardrobe.

Maia and Knut with Leon Emanuel Blanck