Introducing a new designer to HEVN: nobody clothing

Introducing a new designer to HEVN: nobody clothing

In the end of December we will receive our first delivery from the Danish genderless brand, nobody clothing.

We are really excited and hope you will enjoy these easy-to-wear, layer-friendly styles!

This is what the brand has written about themselves:

nobody clothing - for those who do not care to belong. At nobody we silently challenges the stereotypes and conventions of the masses.

We believe in transcending borders and supporting diversity, aiming to make every piece long lasting with a focus on details, the best quality and comfortable cuts.

We dream to liberate the wearer from the norm and place ourselves in the grey area between art and minimal fashion. In every piece we strive for sustainability and focus on making pieces wearable for a healthy lifetime without adhering to seasons, gender or fast trends.

We belong in the grey area between opposites such as:

masculine / feminine

light / dark

hard / soft

wild / mild

Founded in 2017 by Sarah Sofie Norbø. Today each design is thought in Denmark and produced by hand in Bali.