HEVN's annual Black Friday boycott!

HEVN's annual Black Friday boycott!

According to The Economist, 80 billion of new pieces of clothing are sold every year. Half of all clothes bought is thrown away within the first year - many have never been worn.

Think about that as the big and ugly monster of Black Friday approaches us again this Friday.

At HEVN, we have never and will never do Black Friday.

The beautiful, artisanal pieces our designers have designed and created deserves a better fate than to be sacrificed in a crazy shopping frenzy that only leads to mindless overspending.

If you instead build your wardrobe slowly by buying quality clothes with longevity, you're actually getting a better deal.

For yourself, the environment and the people responsible for designing and making your clothes.

We know that garments bought at HEVN tend to get used - a lot! Do you have a HEVN piece in your closet that, for this exact reason, could use some love from a tailor?

Stop by our shop this Friday and we will - as our annual response to Black Friday - cover the cost of getting your favorite garment back into shape.

Buy less, buy better and repair the clothes you love!

- Maia, Knut & Vetle