2020 was the year when face masks became the new fashion accessory. Suddenly, everyone had to wear them, and a lot of brands started designing their own.

We've been through a lot of trial and error to come up with our own take on the traditional face mask.

Our deconstructed version is designed by Arina, and we decided to go with a viscose crepe fabric, which is antibacterial, and really soft on the skin. The mask is easily adjustable, has a steel wire and fits every face size and works with both beards and glasses.

Maia wearing the HEVN face mask

Another great feature is that you can keep the mask around your neck when you don't have to wear it.


All masks are handmade at Ekeberg in Oslo by our dear friend, Maren, who is a highly versatile seamstress with a wide experience from tailoring, costume making and re-creation of traditional and historic garments.

Please follow Maren's YouTube channel here.

Maren behind her machine sewing HEVN face masks

We are thrilled by the amazing reception the masks have gotten. They keep selling out really fast!

The reason why the masks sometimes are listed as available, and other times as a pre-order, is because it takes some time to sew the masks, and Maren is the only one making them, in between studies and other obligations.

The masks are made in limited numbers, due to the special fabric now being out of stock. We may possibly make another iteration at a later date, if we find the right fabric! 

 You can buy or pre-order the face mask here.