DIY: Re-oxidize your favorite jewelry!

DIY: Re-oxidize your favorite jewelry!
Have you bought some silver jewelry from us that was oxidized and the finish has started to wear off?
Did you know you can re-oxidize the jewelry yourself?

To re-oxidize silver piece at home, you can purchase "liver of sulfur" which is available in any jewelry supply store, and then follow instructions on these steps to reoxidize your silver piece.

What is liver of sulfur, you ask?
Liver of sulfur is mainly used in metalworking to form a patina, turning copper alloys brown or black. Typically liver of sulfur comes in a dry rock form which must be broken into smaller pieces and dissolved in hot water for use.

Before you start
  • If there is other metal attached to the silver, try to not fully dip it or use cotton bud and spread it on the silver
  • If there is a stone, this process can be done as well. 
  • Re-oxidizing your silver pieces at home is at your own risk and the full responsibility is on you.

Step 1

Always work outside when using Liver of Sulfur (LOS). Make sure you wear gloves and designate glass or ceramic containers that will be used solely for this purpose.

Step 2

Clean the silver before you begin. Any polishing residues, wax or fingerprints could affect the consistency of the oxidation. Hot soapy water and an old toothbrush work well.

Step 3

Make a neutralizing bath. You will use this later to neutralize the silver once you have finished oxidizing.

Step 4

To make the neutralizing bath: Using one Mason jar, mix two teaspoons of baking soda in one cup of cold water.

Step 5

Stir solution until the baking soda is dissolved. Set aside for later.

Step 6

Prepare your workstation. You need two mason jars with one cup of hot water in each, the neutralizing bath you just made, Liver of Sulfur, the silver you wish to oxidize, a pair of gloves, a plastic spoon and some paper towels.

Step 7

Drop the silver into the hot water of one Mason jar.

Step 8

In the other Mason jar add 1 pea sized lump of LOS to the hot water.

Step 9

Mix thoroughly.

Step 10

Remove the silver from the hot water and carefully place the silver into the LOS solution trying not to splash.

Step 11

Leave the silver in the LOS solution until it reaches the desired color, stirring occasionally to get an even finish.

Step 12

Remove the silver from the LOS solution and place the silver in the neutralising bath. This will stop any further oxidation of the silver.

Step 13

Remove the silver from the neutralizing bath and dry slightly with the paper towel.

Step 14

You can either tumble the silver to polish and seal the oxidized finish or you can use a polishing cloth. Be careful not to completely rub off the oxidation.

Step 15

Put two teaspoons of baking soda into the LOS solution to neutralize it.

Step 16

Loosely seal the Mason jar that contains the LOS solution and leave the jar out doors, out of the reach of children or animals. The LOS will degrade and eventually turn clear. Once it is clear it is no longer toxic and you can dispose of it by diluting the solution and flushing it down the drain.

Step 17

Congratulations! You have oxidized your silver.

Read the step-by-step guide and view pictures here: