Chappa wool jersey beanie
Chappa wool jersey beanie
Chappa wool jersey beanie

Chappa wool jersey beanie

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Soft, elastic jersey with warm feel and distressed look. Double-faced jersey ; the inner layer is made from cotton. Raw edges and seams.

Color: Black

Fabric: 52% merino wool, 48% cotton

Hand wash cold, dry flat.

Care instructions from the designer:

After some time, as a result of general wear and tear and/or cleaning, pilling will occur.

The sweaters/knitwear accessories are specially designed to have a woollen look, cosy and fuzzy. This fuzziness is created by small wool fibres sticking out of the final fabric, which have a tendency to start forming pills more

easily over time. This is characteristic of wool blend knits.

Pilling will occur especially in places where the garment is

exposed to a lot of rubbing against itself or other fabrics

or items.

The pilling can be removed with a fabric shaver, a sweater comb or thin sharp scissors. The garment may

also be brought to a professional cleaning service, where they have special techniques to remove pilling.

The pilling effect will reduce over time.

Avoid rubbing the sweaters/knitwear accessories against rough surfaces or fabrics, metal parts of bags, belts, etc.

This garment should be gently hand washed in cold water, using a mild detergent. Attention! It might shrink after washing in hot/warm water. Do not tumble dry. Dry naturally in a horizontal position after washing.

Made in Poland.

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