Rick Owens Level tee
Rick Owens Level tee
Rick Owens Level tee
Rick Owens Level tee
Rick Owens Level tee
Rick Owens Level tee

Rick Owens Level tee

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His level t has a below-the-hip length with short sleeves and a ribbed round crewneck. It features the signature level shoulder seams and single seam running down the centre back spine.

From Rick Owens AW21 Gethsemane Collection.

Color: Black

Fabric: 88% viscose, 12% silk.

Hand wash cold, dry flat.

Care instructions from Rick Owens written inside the garment:

This garment was made using certified viscose, which ensures that the fibers are produced from responsibly managed plantations and no deforestation occurs.

We strive to keep our production as local as possible. The full manufacturing cycle of this garment, from the material knitting to sewing and finishing, was undertaken close to our home base in Concordia, Italy.

As a company we will continue to work towards further sustainable practices each season. We still have a ways to go, but we can all aim higher and start somewhere.

This product was created for you with specially developed and treated materials, the us of which often means that no two products are exactly alike, giving each its individual uniqueness. Any irregular surface texture and color variations are not imperfections or defects; they are the tactile and visual aspects desired specifically by Rick Owens. To best maintain the quality of this product, protect it from overexposure to heat, humidity, moisture and direct light, and avoid sharp or irregular surfaces, which could leave a mark.

Made in Italy.

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