studiob3 is a Polish label founded in 2008 in Krakow with a commitment to offbeat design, sustainable production practices and authentic emotion.

To this day, studiob3’s clothing is still made in Poland, imbuing each garment with the original spirit of and intention of the designers. It combines functionality with avant-garde flourishes - asymmetric cuts, layers, and raw finishing. In line with HEVN’s foundational philosophy, studiob3 is intended as a durational element of your wardrobe where style is built upon quality design and production rather than temporary trends. Two generations of designer have distilled each item down to its essence creating sleek, sophisticated pieces.

studiob3 believes that fashion should be integrated into everyday life and still reflect the wearer’s individualism. Pure, clean lines define wearable but elevated pieces. To maintain the offbeat look of their creations, the designer recommends that one avoids ironing studiob3 pieces and instead allows the clothes to live their own lives.

studiob3 works with a limited colour palette, and the core of the collection is always black. Their motto says “BLACK IS THE ONLY CONSTANT” – like HEVN, they believe this colour is the ultimate essence of style and the most authentic expression of the avant-garde.