Army of Me

Founded in Stockholm in 2008 by Daniel Wahlberg and Richard Sjòblom, ARMY OF ME has established itself as an emphatic presence in the arena of prêt-à-porter avant-garde fashion. Bold yet subtle, wearing ARMY OF ME represents a fierce expression of individualism.

The brand has become synonymous with sophisticated tailoring and idiosyncratic cuts that combine both traditionally masculine and feminine elements in playful and expected ways. Every piece possesses a singular detail that brings both the garment and an outfit to life while playing with asymmetric shapes and robust layering.

Since its inception, ARMY OF ME has developed a reputation for creating monochrome pieces characterised by raw edges and sweeping lines. From tailored coats to linen singlets, each garment elevates and ensemble, with every piece in HEVN’s collection integrating seamlessly with any wearer’s ensemble.

Whether you are interested in finding a piece that complements the modernity of the city, or the textures of the landscapes beyond, HEVN invites you to explore our diverse ARMY OF ME collection.

Richard Sjöblom and Daniel Wahlberg from ARMY OF ME