One of the world’s most distinguished fashion designers, and a pioneer of the 1980’s Japanese New Wave, Yohji Yamamoto has been subverting and redefining Western design conventions on both an aesthetic and technical level for the better part of four decades.

As a label, Yohji Yamamoto is renowned for its signature exaggerated silhouettes, avant-garde sensibility, and masterful tailoring. Since exploding onto the international scene with its Paris debut in 1981, the brand has defined a generation of fashion with dark, draped pieces and innovative interpretations of traditional clothing built from tough hard-wearing fabrics constructed to last.

With uncluttered, linear shapes, Yohji Yamamoto effortlessly explores androgyny and the arbitrary delineations between menswear and womenswear. From the label’s conception, it has attempted to deconstruct traditional preconceptions of how clothes should be worn so that its garments now represent true liberation.

Featuring heavy draping and pieces such as strong, pleated hakama pants HEVN has assembled a collection of essential Yohji Yamamoto pieces whose integrity and elegance are timeless. We are proud to have established a bold collection designed to act as armour against conformity, fast fashion and fleeting trends.

We invite you to explore Yohji Yamamoto - a rebellious voice against tradition and a pure expression of the philosophies of the avant-garde.

Knut wearing all Yohji Yamamoto

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