Shop Tax Free in-store with Global Blue

Shop Tax Free in-store with Global Blue

At HEVN, we now offer Tax Free shopping through Global Blue.

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping?

If you have permanent residence (minimum 183 days) outside Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark

If you have permanent residence in the Svalbard Islands or on Jan Mayen Island, you are eligible for tax refund if the purchase amount exceeds 1,000 NOK, excluding VAT.

Standard VAT rate in Norway


Minimum purchase amount

Clothing: 315 NOK (VAT 25%)

How much will you get back?

The standard VAT rate for clothing in Norway is 25%. When using the Global Blue tax free form, you are eligible to receive up to 19% of the total purchase amount back.

You can check the Global Blue refund calculator to see how much you will be refunded. You can find the refund calculator here.

How to claim your refund

Once you have received the Tax Free form and the receipt for your purchase, you have to show the goods to the Norwegian customs. Exported goods must be unused.

Refund points in Oslo: Oslo Airport, Oslo Ferries and cruise ships.