Introducing a new designer to HEVN: T.A.S.

Introducing a new designer to HEVN: T.A.S.

We are very excited to introduce the Japanese designer T.A.S.

T.A.S is designed in Tokyo by Tetsuya Ando. Born in 1979, Ando worked as Chief Production Manager at Julius _7 2004-2011, before creating T.A.S in 2011. T.A.S’s debut collection launched Spring/ Summer 2012 in Tokyo with an exhibition and runway show following in Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2012

The origin of the brand name T.A.S comes from the computer coding command, TEST AND SET, in which a process is coded to produce an outcome without fail. T.A.S. designs embody a multifaceted world, while working within a strict minimalist framework.

They combine European design with traditional Japanese techniques, with a specific focus on exploring and experimenting with new qualities and applications of leather.

Forms are deconstructed and reconfigured, to pursue a powerful, serene and singular sense of structure. Rather than seeing the frame of fashion as containing only clothes, bags and hats, T.A.S. proposes to consider all lifestyle elements including room fragrances, umbrellas, ashtrays, etc

Therefore, although they will announce products according to collection time, they do not produce clothing. To express the brand’s conceptual vision, every season T.A.S. proposes a total space, including music, photographs and works.

See our first selection here: