Genderless fashion: Express yourself!

Genderless fashion: Express yourself!

Big fashion brands and clothing chains like Zara, Weekday, H&M and Burberry have done a few attempts in recent years as regards to creating "unisex collections".

But when you look at the promotional material, it often looks like they have made a cross-dressing collection; women wear suits and men wear lipgloss and skirts. Which, of course, is no problem.

We just think it is a bit expected, old and worn-out.

At HEVN, we describe most of our garments as genderless. We used to call it unisex, but we are aware of the fact that we now have more than two genders, so we needed to update our terminology.

Genderless clothing doesn't mean androgynous, or that you cannot be masculine or feminine if you want to. You don't have to wear baggy or illfitted clothes. It goes beyond gender and focuses on the spirit of the garment, movement, creating new silhouettes and layers. It's not rigid as regular collections often are, but gives you enormous playroom when it comes to creating your own unique style and signature look. 

When the designers are bound by no rules, borders or restrictions, this opens up for a whole new way of creating clothes and how to wear them.

We love the playfulness, the openness and the freedom that genderless clothing bring. And we love helping our customers find their own, truly unique, style using the creations of our designers.

No rules! Just you, your preferences and your imagination to express yourself.

Give it a try!