Biru Baby “Inferno Awaits” music video styled by HEVN!

Biru Baby “Inferno Awaits” music video styled by HEVN!

Today the new Biru Baby music video was released, marking the final chapter from their "Ancient Call" album, which was released in March 2018.

But first, some back story:

Biru Baby is a Norwegian Sámi band who, according to themselves, offer a “genre mix described as “The Best Of Die Antwoord, Babymetal and The Prodigy”".

Their latest album, "Ancient Call", is an eight-chapter journey through Sápmi, Finnmark, and their inheritance as Sámis in a modern world.

For the making of "Inferno Awaits", we were asked to do all the styling, which we thought was a really cool project! Avant-garde, nordic noir and post-apocalyptic aesthetics meets the Sápmi indigenous culture!

With a mix of Gelareh Designs, Rick Owens, _JULIUS, Demobaza, Barbara í Gongini, The Last Conspiracy, Nobody Clothing, Skingraft Designs, ARMY OF ME, Ninna York, Thom/Krom and a few vintage pieces from our own wardrobes we ended up with what we feel represented the look and feel of two post-apocalyptic Sámi queens, a Sámi general and his crew.

©Per John Olsen


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Biru Baby: Iki, Hanna and Hell-G
Dancers: Live, Marie and Susanne
Director: Jim Hansen
Photographer: Benjamin Mosli
Still photographer: Per John Olsen
Styling: Maia // HEVN
Location: Snow Hotel Kirkenes, Finnmark

Watch the video here: